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Over the years, we here at Percy Guidry Hearth & Patio have answered thousands of questions related to many different topics. It is gratifying to now be able to offer our customers immediate, online answers to many of those same questions. If, however, you don't see your question among those listed below, please email your question to us through the website's Contact section, and we will do our utmost best to answer your question.
Due to the large volume of information available, we've organized the F.A.Q. into departments. Click on the department you think is best suited to your question, and search. Also, check out the "Search" window in the upper right hand corner of all the pages. Just type in a keyword and the site will bring up any and all pages associated with that word. Thanks for your Trust!

Fireplace Maintenance
Can I burn real wood along with my gas logs?
Can I close my fireplace damper to get more heat from my vented gas log set?
Can I close the glass doors on my fireplace when using my gas logs?
Can I install vent-free gas logs in my wood burning fireplace?
Do I have to re-light the pilot light every time I use my log set?
Does the ember material burn up, and do I need to replace it periodically?
How can I clean my logs?
How long is the warranty on Hargrove gas log sets?
I have a vented log set and the logs have soot on them. Is this normal?
My gas logs make a whistling noise when I burn them. What causes this?
My pilot stays lit for a few minutes then goes out. Can you help me?
What are Hargrove gas logs made of?
What is the difference between vented and vent-free gas logs?
Why do I need a safety pilot control for my LP gas log set?
How do I light my pilot light on my gas logs?
Patio Furniture Maintenance
How do I take care of & clean the fabric on my patio furniture?

"Fabric Cleaning tips & techniques"



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