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Local Delivery

Percy Guidry's Hearth & Patio maintains a strict Internet Policy:
We believe that certain products such as patio furniture, grills and fireplaces require a higher level of service, after the sale, than other products available for sale online. In addition, issues such as product warranty and the possibility of damage during shipping, are better resolved by our experienced staff. Above all, we feel that our customers deserve the highest level of personal, hands on, service, so we refuse to sell these types of products outside of our market area, a policy agreed upon by each one of our manufacturers.
Deliveries within the city limits of Lafayette are made free of charge. Deliveries made outside of the city limits are calculated at $2.00 per mile, one way. For example, if making a delivery requires us to drive 60 miles one way, the charge for this delivery would be: $120.00.
All deliveries include:
Free set up of the product in the desired area
Free demonstration of grills and similar technical products
If you have any questions concerning estimated charges, please contact a sales representative and they will be happy to answer your questions.



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