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Lighting Your Safety Pilot Light

*Although there are many different "types" of gas logs & pilot lights...this demonstration should cover most if not all questions you have. Please keep in mind, that if the logs have not been in use since last winter, there may be air in the line...hold the pilot valve knob down long enough to purge the air out. Once this is accomplished, release and fan out the firebox with a magazine to displace the concentrated gas first and then resume lighting directions.

If you have a remote control, please check the batteries in the "transmitter" (the device in your hand) and the receiver (the black square box in the fireplace). The receiver should hold 4 AA batteries. 

You may have to "re-learn" the frequency of your remote. To accomplish this, take a small item like a paper clip end or pencil tip, and insert into the round hole that reads "LEARN" on the outside of the box. Once the button is depressed, it will emit an audible beep, immediately push and hold the "ON" button on your transmitter. You should hear a series of 3-4 beeps. You have now re-learned you remote. Make sure the pilot knob is turned to the "ON" position.



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