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Grillin' Videos

"Grillin' Guru" Episodes
6/26/2013 Episode 1: The Cajun Grill
6/26/2013 Episode 2: The Saber Grill
Primo XL Grill/Smoker
6/26/2013 Primo Demo Day!
6/26/2013 Primo XL Demo: Chicken and Veggies
6/26/2013 Primo XL vs. The Good-One Marshall
6/26/2013 Pulled Pork on a Primo XL
6/26/2013 Ribeye Rack on the Primo XL
The Good-One Smoker
6/26/2013 Good-One's very own Chris Marks Class here at Percy Guidry's!
6/26/2013 The Good-One Marshall Smoker in Action



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